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Server Solutions

Not just a stand-alone piece of hardware, the server is an integral, central part of a business’ IT infrastructure. Connected to the rest of your setup, the modern server is a multi-purpose, flexible piece of kit that goes beyond the typical checklist of performing well, being reliable and scalable. The modern server plays an important role in driving business efficiency, simplifying infrastructure and reducing carbon footprint.


Server Solutions Features


Specific needs assessment

Our server experts will analyze your requirements and develop a custom solution tailored to your individual needs.


First-class infrastructure

Our TIER 3 data center in Munich offers future-proof infrastructure and a maximum of security – running failure-free for 4+ years!


Branded hardware

We only use hardware from established partners such as Dell, Parallels, Intel, Citrix and many other well-known brands.


12+ years of experience

We have been advising companies of any size for more than 12 years. Benefit from this treasure trove of exeprience!